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In order to approve any candidacy as a collaborator and access the special conditions reserved for companies and professionals in the sector:

  1. Company’s CIF/NIF data.
  2. Membership number.
  3. Professional title.
  4. Any other information necessary for verification must be correctly accredited.

All this information must be sent to info@projectvipp.com with the subject “Registration for professional“.

As soon as you confirm all the necessary information, we proceed to send you the corresponding budget and applied conditions.

Yes, from our website, in the “Professionals 2D & 3D files” section, you have free access to:
– 2D files of the products (technical drawing).
– 3D files of the products.

Professionals ~ project _ vipp

Then, in each product you have the necessary information for assembly, plumbing guides and additional product information.

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Yes, from our website, in the “Professionals” section, you have free access to our catalogs:

  • New collection 2022.
  • KitchenV1.
  • Kitchen V2.

You can also visit our news in the store, here.

We develop personalized projects based on your needs.

If you provide us here, info@projectvipp.com, with the floor plan of the space, we will propose the best distribution suitable for your space.

Once we have defined the distribution, we will make a selection of the furniture that suits your needs and your style.

We can make a 3D visualization of the space with the proposed furniture so that you can see how they look in their context.

You can configure your kitchen you want, in the following link:

Once configured, you must download the project in pdf format, and if you send it to info@projectvipp.com, we will make the budget based on your configuration.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

The delivery time is 8 weeks from the confirmation of the order.

We develop personalized projects based on your needs.

If you provide us with the floor plan of the space, we will propose the best distribution suitable for your space.
In case you know the configuration you want, you can draw it through the configurator of our website (Build your own vipp kitchen) and send it to info@projectvipp.com so that we can make your kitchen budget.

In order to rate the assembly we need to know the location where the kitchen will be installed and if it has good access. If it is an apartment, a house, etc…

If you have plans and elevations of the space and you want to provide them to us, we will incorporate the kitchen modules in the plan and make a 3D visualization of the volumes so that you can see how they look in their context.

Since 1939, every new Vipp product has been born from the same dream; to manufacture long-lasting tools for everyday life. Our kitchen is no different. Envisioned to be used every day for a lifetime, our kitchen is stripped of fading trends and filled with carefully considered and highly engineered details. It’s straightforward. No compromise with materials, no fuss. Just function.

The Vipp kitchen is available in three powder-coated colour variants, black, grey, and white.

You can see the characteristics of this kitchen in https://projectvipp.com/the-v1-kitchen/

The Nordic style is one of the most popular in the world. It comes from the Nordic countries, specifically from Denmark, Finland and Norway, and is based on the use of practical and functional elements when furnishing the house. 

Also look for warm and bright environments, something normal if you think that, in those countries, the days are shorter than here.

Minimalism is a style that seeks absolute purity, simplicity and functionality, to create orderly and calm spaces without losing the presence of style and sophistication. 

While the Nordic style seeks to make the most of natural light, create spaces with the presence of nature and create visually spacious environments.

Founded by Holger Nielsen in 1939, this family business is today run by the second and third generation. 

However, the anecdote that I say originated its creation took place in 1931 when Nielsen, who was then 17 years old, won a car in a raffle. Since he didn’t have a driver’s license, he decided to sell it and invest in a metal lathe. This fact marked the beginning of Holger’s metal factory where, years later, he created the product that would make him famous in the world: the Vipp pedal bin. This first bin was for her wife’s hairdressing salon and although it was never intended to be sold, some of Marie’s clients were so impressed that they ordered it for their doctor and dentist husbands.

A company specializing in products for the kitchen and bathroom, the firm Vipp is known above all for its iconic pedal bins that it has been producing since 1939. Now, in a move to expand its product catalogue, the company has launched a minimalist kitchen metal modular, which introduces a very personal touch in this area of the house.

Who are project | vipp ?

The project consists of representing the values of the Danish Vipp brand through our unique monobrand stores, showroom and Vipp hotel in Southern Europe.

Interiorist experts

We have a team specialized exclusively in the vipp brand and high quality standards.

Work wherever

We travel to carry out projects in the areas of Catalonia, Andorra and Portugal.

Hight satisfaction

We offer the best quality / price satisfaction on the market.

Exclusivity first

We create unique spaces, environments and experiences with exclusive products.

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