Neck rest for Lodge lounge chair| VIPP468

339,00 €

The neck rest is a customized, retrofitted neck pillow for the Lodge lounge chair. The neck rest features a soft foam pillow attached to a heavy aluminum bar. This construction makes it easy to attach and detach to the Lodge lounge chair. Available in light or dark leather.
The Vipp Lodge lounge chair is suited for the living room or lounge area. This lounge chair features a molded soft shell and legs of solid oak. The shell of the Lodge lounge chair can be customized in Vipp's entire upholstery range. Here shown in predefined variants with dark oak or light oak legs.


VIPP468 | Neck rest

Neck rest for Lodge lounge chair

Enhanced Comfort

With its curved cylindrical shape, high resilience foam, and soft leather upholstery, the neck rest provides an enhanced seating experience to the Lodge lounge chair.


Aesthetic Functionality

A heavy aluminum bar is attached to slim, adjustable leather straps for easy de- and attachment. This distinctive design ensures ergonomic comfort while keeping the neck rest in place.


Product details


 H x L: 5.1 x 15.9 in


High Resilience Foam, leather upholstery. Sanded and anodized aluminum bar.