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  •  The Vipp14 pedal bin is a smaller trash can well-suited for bathrooms. This pedal bin is equipped with a removable inner bin, a lid that ensures air-tight closure, and a damper mechanism that provides smooth closing of the lid. A rubber ring at the base protects floors. For an overview of all available sizes of Vipp bins, click the link below.

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    The pedal bin was not designed in the strict traditional sense, but got its visual expression in response to a series of functional criteria; one being a pedal for a hands-free operation.
  • Design

    Holger Nielsen, 1939


    Powder-coated steel, stainless steel, rubber.


    Ø x H x D:  24.8 x 30.2 x 30 cm (Ø measured by floor)


    4 L 

    Extended warranty

    A 10-year warranty applies to bins purchased after 2008 and a two-year warranty to bins purchased before 2008. 


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